Fleetview DashCam

2560p, 4G, GPS, Driver Event Button, Alarm Input, RS232, third camera input, SD slot up to 256GB

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The Fleetview DashCam is a commercial truck camera solution with a full range of integration and connectivity options.
The base unit contains a 2560p High Definition forward facing wide angled camera unit which aims to capture all forward facing driving and events. A 1080p internal facing camera can record inside the cab if needed.   Integrated inside the unit is a 4G sim slot making the camera 100% 4G ready.  

Key Camera Features 

  • built in 4G connectivity
  • built in wi-fi connectivity
  • can be tethered and accessed via an existing hot spot
  • 2560p Video
  • driver facing camera with Infrared
  • optional third camera input for side camera or driver state monitoring camera
  • 2 x 256GB Storage capacity with redundancy options

New Ai Version Features

  • lane departure warning
  • driver distraction
  • driver sleeping
  • phone use
  • smoking
  • no seatbelt
  • stop sign detection

Connectivity Options
A built in 4G modem and wi-fi provide full connectivity. The 4G modem is designed for access back to the Fleetview platform which allows you to completely manage the video and events from your fleet. The built in wi-fi allows a mobile or tablet to direct connect to the unit without using 4G. This is perfect for customers who do not opt onto the Fleetview portal or for installers setting up units as it allows live viewing of the camera and full settings modification.

Fleetview Portal
The Fleetview portal is accessible by PC or Mobile Client and provides real time access to your Fleetview DashCam.
From the portal you can do the following:

  • live view camera feeds
  • replay camera footage
  • view live events and alarm
  • report on historical events and alarm
  • receive push notifications to mobile devices based on alarm inputs and triggers
  • backup clips to your local PC in AVI format

Driver State Monitoring
The FVDSM camera is an additional unit which can connect into FVEX2 to provide sleep detection, smoking and phone detection, seat belt detection.  


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