Viewtech Pedestrian Alarm

Pedestrian visual and audible alarm.

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The Viewtech PA30 pedestrian alarm system features a loud programmable speaker and bright strobing LED’s.

Designed to warn pedestrians coming near to moving plant.

The system is easy to install and program and any audio file can be loaded on by USB.


  • 3 triggers  (10V-32V DC)
  • each trigger can have its own sound
  • bright white and orange warning LEDs
  • 10V-32V DC Powered
  • IP67 waterproof
  • heavy duty construction

Triggering Methods

Each trigger can be wired to reverse lights, indicators or any other electrical trigger.

Works With ViewtechAi

This unit can also be used with ViewtechAi Pedestrian Detection cameras.  When used with the ViewtechAi camera the the  unit will only alarm when there is a person present greatly reducing the amount of alarms heard on site.

Up to 3 ViewtechAi cameras can be used on three sides of a vehicle each can discriminately warning the pedestrian approaching on that side of the vehicle only.

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