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Fleetview is a robust multi-channel recording platform for high risk vehicles.

Suitable for all types of moving plant in any industry.

Record all video.
Realtime live access to video.
Remote playback of video.
Fit for purpose hardware.
Video doesn't lie. Save days and weeks on manual investigations.


Works with all Viewtech Gear!

Fleetview recorders are designed to work with all existing Viewtech reversing camera systems - past or present! Even your original Viewtech reversing camera from 2006 can be integrated into Fleetview.

Record Everything for Up to 6 Months*

Our robust recorders can store HD video securely for over 6 months.
Review complaints, near misses and events well after they have occured.

* Storage days depends on disk size and amount of cameras

Add Monitors for Operator Blind Spots

Monitors can be added and display any of the recorded cameras live.


Mobile Vehicle Surveillance for Safety & Security

Manage your mobile assets with Fleetview. Reduce theft, increase driver safety, reduce accidents.

Installers and Resellers

An extensive range of installers are available nationwide or you can use your own installers. Our gear is easy to install and we pre-configure it for you.

Fleet Operators & End Users

Contact us directly to find out what will be the best solution for your needs.  We will consult then design a system to suit your fleet or specialist vehicle for free!

Customer Service & Support

Our staff are highly trained and ready to help.   We pride ourselves in fast and reactive customer service.

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Manage your Video From Anywhere

Fleetview allows managers to live view any of their sites from anywhere.

Never be in doubt again on what is happening with your high risk, high value assets.

Keep watch on high value sites and make sure your team is working safely and productively.

Just some of the Industries Benefiting from Fleetview

Fleetview for Material Handling
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Fleetview for Temporary Traffic Management
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Fleetview for Bus & Coach
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Fleetview for Logistics

Some of our Hardware Options


Cameras to suit all vehicles and environments.


2CH, 4CH and 8CH Recording Hardware, fully secure and fit for purpose.


Monitors can be integrated to give operators real-time access to live feeds of blind spots or operational areas.

Just Some of our Customers using Fleetview