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Pedestrian detection that ensures safety around heavy machinery in any industry.
by Ai.
ViewtechAi™ is ground 
breaking vehicle safety technology for detecting pedestrians and vehicles near moving machinery.
Our clever algorithms accurately detect pedestrians in less than one quarter of a second, creating an alarm to the operator or the pedestrian alerting them of the potential vehicle to human contact. Vehicle detection can also be enabled if required. ViewtechAi™ works with any Viewtech monitor or can be used standalone as a detection device or in conjunction with the Viewtech VT-PA30 Pedestrian alarm. ViewtechAi™ can also be recorded into Viewtech Fleetview™ and positive detections can be reviewed or alerted.

Detect Smarter. React Faster.

ViewtechAi™ Benefits

Visually learned Ai means no safety vest or transponder required for detection.

99% accuracy - even on partially hidden pedestrians.

Works with all Viewtech™ monitors and Viewtech Fleetview™ - recording and live streaming platform.

Trigger output can be connected to anything electrical.

Multiple ViewtechAi™ cameras can be used for all round coverage - no blind spots.

Fast and easy to install into any vehicle.

Instant Detection, Display and Alert.

Pedestrians are highlighted, and operators are alerted in real-time on Viewtech™ high-definition monitors.

Heavy Machinery Safety Integration.

From forklifts and container lifters to rollers and graders, our seamless integration sets a new industry safety benchmark, ensuring the ultimate protection for your workforce.

ViewtechAi™ Heavy Duty Camera

Viewtech Pedestrian Alarm

Truly automated

When the Viewtech Pedestrian Alarm (VTPA-30) is paired with a ViewtechAi camera, you acquire a genuinely automated alarm system. It triggers alarms or notifications for pedestrians exclusively when they are genuinely positioned either behind or in front of the vehicle. This diminishes alarm fatigue, a concern that arises when machine operators encounter an excessive number of alarms throughout the day.

Key Features

Rear / Top Mounted ViewtechAi™ Camera for Rear / Front Detection.

140" Wide Angle, 0.5 - 12m Front & Rear Detection Range.

Detects Pedestrians and Alerts the Operator and/or Pedestrian.

Rapid Response Ai, Detects Pedestrians in 0.01 Seconds.

Detects pedestrians obscured behind large roller doors.

Protect what matters most.

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