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CCTV, Alarm, Solar Lighting and Vehicle Safety Systems....

Cameras & Surveillance

Whether you are in charge of health and safety, or looking to reduce accidents, we stock products that provide solutions to reducing risk, and keeping people safe.

Solar Lighting

Securalux rapidly deployable solar lighting can provide instant light to entrance ways, remote sites and temporary roads.

Vehicle Safety

A.I pedestrian detection, cameras and recorders will keep your vehicles safe at all times.

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Solar CCTV

Easy to install solar CCTV provides real time access to your site and review of archived footage.

Viewtech Fleetview for Multi-Channel Vehicle Recording

Fleetview records up to 8 cameras as soon as the key is turned. Store video for up to 3 months or longer.

Active Deterrent CCTV Cameras

Alarm Intruders and Prevent Loss & Damage

With built in audible alarms and red/blue warning lights active deterrent cameras use A.I to detect humans within defined boundaries. Once detected they trigger lights, sirens and can enable two way audio via a mobile app.

We can design these into solar systems or build into Nx Witness.

Wireless Alarms

4G enabled wireless alarms with full battery backup.
Reports straight to your mobile with programable scenarios and remote control.

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