Viewtech 7″ Digital LCD Heavy Duty High Definition Reversing System

High definition Heavy Duty reversing camera kit designed for industrial, agricultural, construction and mining.  3 year NZ/AU Warranty.

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The Viewtech SV7HD20-720 reversing system is a fit for purpose hard wearing reversing or monitoring camera system. It is designed for industrial and heavy transport applications where safety and equipment reliability is paramount.    
The SV7HD20-720 can be made up of separately stocked items. Please contact us for availability if this item is showing out of stock.

The SV7HD20-720 has a 100% duty cycle and can be left on 24/7 if required.  It can be left on to monitor hazardous areas can be automatically triggered by reversing or indicator lights, or any other electrical trigger.  
If you have tried a cheaper system and now need something better this is the one for you. If you are in the market for a new system save yourself some money and buy good quality to start with.  

Customers using these include Fulton Hogan, Downer, HEB, Port Companies and Kiwi Rail.  

36 Month Warranty NZ Warranty
We back our products 100%. This product comes with a 36 month full replacement warranty. If your camera or monitor fails within 36 months due to manufacturing defect or faulty component we replace it with a new one. 

High Definition
Our new monitor features a higher 1024 x 600 pixel resolution and the included camera is now HD format of 720P. This enables higher sharpness and detail enabling safer blindspot viewing. The higher definition image enables this system to offer the best possible safety solution as humans and obstacles can be more easily seen.

Heavy Duty & Long Lasting
The Viewtech 7″ Monitor is a high quality shock resistant digital monitor built for conditions associated with vehicles. It comes with sturdy mounts and brackets and all connections are made via a wiring loom, which can be fully hidden. The heavy duty camera is also built to last. Made out of cast aluminium it can handle the odd knock or two and it has a built in heater to prolong its life, keeping moisture out and meaning you will never have to put up with a foggy image. The camera is also IP69K rated meaning that it can be pressure washed at high temperature.  
We have this camera fitted with a high quality 720P low lux image sensor and this is combined with a mechanical IR filter. These two together provide an extremely crisp day time image and a superior night vision image in pitch black conditions.  

Vibration tested to ISP 167503 Max 6.3G.

Connections to cameras are all made via waterproof 4-pin screw type connections and the camera also comes with a rubber cable shroud and grommet for entry through an external surface.

Wide Dynamic Input Voltage Range
Features well designed DC circuitry primarily designed for 24V systems. A wide 10V-36V input range to handle voltage drops and spikes. Each camera output has smoothed 12V supply for perfect camera operation.

Easy To Install
This kit is incredibly easy to install. All electrical contacts are done at the monitor end which includes the red ‘+’ & black ‘-‘ connection and a third reverse light sense wire which is optional to connect if you would like the system to power up when reverse is selected. All camera connections are done out of the monitor via ONE 4-pin cable. This makes installation very straight forward and a lot easier than you think.

True Day / Night Imaging
The Viewtech VT639HD camera included with this kit has a special day/night lens. This lens uses a special filter to automatically filter out colour distorting IR during the day but then at night alternates to produce crystal clear infrared night vision image. This creates perfect day time colour and incredibly clear night vision. 

This system is very versatile and can be installed in any bus, truck or other vehicle. For 5th wheelers and trailer units an optional trailer coupler is also available. The system is powered from 12V-24V-32V and all cables are screw connections, which are all waterproof. Powering to the cameras is done automatically by the monitor regardless of the input voltage.


  • monitor
  • heavy duty camera ( black or white selectable)
  • 20m cable
  • wiring loom
  • dash mount
  • infrared remote control
  • flush bracket mount – for mounting flush into panels
  • sun visor
  • manual
  • 1 x RCA cable adaptor

Optional Accessories
As Viewtech systems are fit for purpose and fully customizable we do our best to provide accessories that suite a wide range of requirements. These accessories include trailer coupling units, overhead mounts and loom extension. The Viewtech VT13P loom extension allows our monitors to be mounted overhead while keeping the wiring harness installed below.


  • High definition 720P
  • use for reversing or for watching traffic behind vehicle
  • IP69K rated camera (can be pressure washed)
  • four video inputs. Three via the rear cabling bundle and one via the front jack
  • hi resolution digital monitor with superior brightness – 400cd/m2 brightest on the market
  • hi resolution colour camera with infrared night vision and audio
  • true day/night infrared filter for ultra clear night time imaging
  • automatic defrosting and demisting. (heater kicks in when temperature drops below 10 degrees)
  • 160° wide camera viewing angle
  • each rear video input also has a 12V output for powering cameras / devices
  • each rear video input has a power sensing wire which when taken to a positive voltage will automatically select that view (door view, reversing camera etc.)
  • 10V-32V dynamic voltage input range. Handles spikes and volt drops experienced in a 24V system
  • versatile mounting options for both camera and monitor
  • monitor button lights automatically illuminate in the dark

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