Fleetview Dual View Camera

720p Forward 120°, Driver 150° Facing Cameras. IR in Driver Facing Camera. Audio

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Fleetview Dual view is vehicle camera unit with two built in camera modules.
A forward facing camera module points outwards towards the road to record forward facing video. A second camera module faces back towards the driver and cabin area to record events in the cabin – this module has infrared and audio.
This camera produces an AHD signal and is compatible with all Viewtech Fleetview DVR systems.

Wide Angle Lenses
Wide angle lenses on both camera units give a full view of both the road ahead and the driver cabin area. Enough so to be able to see both driver and passenger.

AHD Format
AHD is a HD format design for coaxial cables. This is perfect for vehicle applications where a robust coax cable is preferable. Both camera modules produce a 720P image.

Applications & Industries
This camera can be used across a wide range of industries where forward and driver facing is preferable. Industries include trucking, material handling, forestry plus many others.

  • AHD 720P resolution
  • independently adjustable camera modules
  • wide angle
  • audio
  • infrared night vision in internal facing camera

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