Fleetview Driver State Monitoring Camera

Works with Fleetview AI DVRs, monitors driver attention

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FVDSM is a driver state monitoring camera designed to work with FV401AI-4G and Fleetview DashCam DVR units.    It provides these units with additional DSM features including sleep detection, smoking and phone detection, seat belt detection.    These detections are then turned into alarm outputs for connection to alarms, seat vibration or logged into the Fleetview system.


  • Compact design makes A-pillar installation easy and convenient to ensure good damping performance of vehicles
  • Dual LED fill light is adopted for the scenario in which the distance between A-pillar and human face is greater than 80cm
  • Output image is immune to ambient light, meeting requirements of 24/7 monitoring, no IR exposure and sunglasses penetration 

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