Viewtech Vehicle Quad Video Processor

1080p, 4x EzyConnect 4pin Video Inputs, 2x Video Outputs, Trigger Inputs, Wired and Wireless Remote Controllers

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The Viewtech 7318-1080 video processor allows equipment operators to view up to 4 cameras on the same screen. Multiple picture in picture and viewing modes allow screen customisation. 

Two programmable video outputs (1 x AHD, 1 x composite) allow feeds to multiple monitors and each viewing mode or camera can be triggered by external trigger wires which can be connected to a switch, reversing lights, indicators or any other electrical activation.

Cameras can be individually named, mirrored and flipped.   An infrared remote as well as a hard wired remote allow full control of all the settings features.

The easy to use menu allows fast setup and easy control.


  • robust construction with 9V-32V DC input
  • four camera inputs as well as a 5th RCA input
  • 12V DC power output for cameras
  • two independent video outputs
  • IR and hard wired remote control
  • multiple picture in picture modes
  • multiple triggering options with programmable priority (cameras can be triggered from any positive voltage)
  • camera scan feature with programmable delay
  • ability to name cameras
  • monitor has reverse grid overlay option for distance judgement

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