Viewtech Halo Safety Light Kit

Includes 2x 60W Line Beam Lights and 1x 40W Arc Beam Light

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The Viewtech Halo Safety Light System provides a visible border around forklifts and material handling vehicles. 
Its primary purpose is to warn pedestrians working around machines of the imminent danger of walking into or near the Halo border.

The system consists of four Halo light modules – Halo Lines for the sides and a Halo Arc for the ends.  You may use a combination of any to provide the safety coverage that is required.


  • 10V-80V DC Input
  • Polycarbonate lenses
  • Stainless hardware
  • Ultra bright LED markings via specialized lenses

Viewtech Halo lights are built tough and fit for purpose.  Diecast alloy housings and tough stainless mounting hardware provide unmatched durability.  

10V-80V DC operation and IP67 rated.

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