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Air Quality Detector

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LifeQuality is a smart air quality detector. Runs automation scenarios when the set temperature, humidity, and CO2 concentration thresholds are exceeded.

The detector is suitable for any room. You can offer it as a solution for offices, industrial premises, and for home use.

  • Scenarios by temperature
  • Scenarios by CO2 level
  • Scenarios by humidity

The Swiss detector SHT40 by Sensirion ensures the accuracy of LifeQualitity’s temperature and humidity readings. The Swedish detector Sunrise from Senseair measures CO2 concentration. These reliable detectors are even used in medical equipment.  To measure CO2, an NDIR detector is used instead of VOC sensors to calculate carbon concentration mathematically.  LifeQuality does not give false readings that can occur due to substance vapours, aerosols or perfumes.

LifeQuality requires Hub 2 or Hub 2 Plus for operation.