UR Fog Fog Cannon 200 Ajax Ready

Fills a 200m3 room to 0 visibility in 28 seconds. Ajax Relays included.

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UR Fog


Ajax Ready UR Fog systems are compatible with all Ajax alarm systems as well as any other alarm system. Two Ajax relays are included.

Intruders cannot argue with anti-intrusion Fog Cannons, it simply eliminates the ability to wreak the havoc they intended.

While instantly converting harmless fluid into a dense disorientating fog when an unattended property is invaded, or at the press of a button it can shroud innocent bystanders creating an opportunity for escape while intruder attention is diverted to the Fog rapidly enveloping them.

With unrivalled fog emission speed and density the UR Fog Fog Cannon system has a patented pump system that does not require regular control testing yet carries a standard of reliability reflected by the 10 year warranty for this part of the system.

The Ajax Ready Modular 200 Fog Cannon System can fill a 200m3 room (approx. 10m x 8m x 2.4m) in 28 seconds or a 600m3 room to less than 1.5m visibility (Industry Standard).

The 500ml replaceable fluid bag provides at least 4 shots of maximum duration Fog dispensing

In armed mode (ready to activate) the UR Fog system consumes less power than a 40W lightbulb and will retain the ability to activate as programmed for over 1 hour if mains power is disconnected.  Ajax notifies the user or monitoring company of any loss of connection or power interruption within minutes.

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