Ltl Acorn 6210A Covert Full HD Trail & Security Camera

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12MP 1080P Full HD Video, PIR activated, time lapse mode, 940nM Black IR, Camo Housing

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The Ltl Acorn 6210A offers a superb trap/security camera solution at an extremely affordable price. Well designed and extremely versatile this camera can be used in a variety of wildlife applications and security applications. An optional metal security housing is also available.  

Full HD (1080p) Video Recording
The LTL Acorn 6210A Full HD allows high resolution video recording of 1440 x 1080 at 15fps or 1820 x 720 at 30fps. Audio is also recorded.

Excellent Battery Life
Fully waterproof and very power efficient – 8 x AA will last up to 6 months depending on activity. It has an external 6V input for solar power or a larger power source.

Ultra Fast Start up and Wide angle detection
The LTL Acorn 6210A activates and can start taking photos in 0.8 seconds making it one of the quickest on the market. The wide 120° angle of motion sensor coupled with the 50° lens angle means that the camera has already started up once the target has moved into the field of view.

Photos & Video
The Ltl Acorn 6210A scouting camera can record 12MP photos and 640 x 480 video. It can be set to record one or the other, or both. When triggered it can be programmed to take 1,2 or 3 photos and then wait a predetermined time before shooting more photos. This enables the user to completely customise their shooting mode depending on the application.

Time Lapse Function
The Ltl Acorn 6210A scouting camera can be set to a time lapse mode.  When shooting in this mode it can be programmed to take a photo every 1 second up to 24 hours. This is an excellent feature for trending in a certain area of interest such as traffic, people, weather or animal movements. 


  • 12MP photo sensor
  • Full HD 1080p Video Recording 
  • audio recording
  • built in LCD monitor/view finder 
  • invisible infrared flash for night imaging
  • can simultaneously take photos and record video
  • built in timer allows scheduled daily activation 
  • PIR activated with adjustable sensitivity and angles (this model has 3 x PIR sensors each switchable)
  • 3-6 month standby time
  • auto IR cut lens for perfect day and night photo shooting
  • programmable time lapse mode
  • date/time stamp with temperature, moon phase and device ID
  • USB and AV output ports
  • SD slot up to 32GB
  • password protection
  • auto sleeps after 2mintues to save power, wake up time 1 second.
  • 6V External Input for solar/reserve power