Polinovel 105Ah Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery

105Ah, Built in BMS, Built in Bluetooth

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Polinovel BL Series lithium battery is the direct replacement of deep cycle lead-acid batteries. It is manufactured with premium LiFePO4 cells to provide long-lasting power and optimal performance. What’s more, with rugged anti-vibration construction and enhanced waterproofing, our battery is designed to withstand the challenging environments.

Our BL Series lithium battery uses automotive-grade EVE LiFePO4 cells with low internal resistance, high consistency and sufficient capacity that does not degrade quickly over time. In addition, the battery has been enhanced with cutting-edge process technology to ensure reliable and efficient operation. Advanced laser welding process is used to ensure stable high power output.

This LiFePO4 battery has IP67 waterproof resistance and exceptional shock resistance. It is the ideal solution for marine boats, RV motorhomes, and other applications exposed to wet conditions or rough vibrations.

To guarantee its reliability, Polinovel has conducted rigorous tests. Our battery has been submerged in 1-meter deep water for 30 minutes, and dropped from 1.7-meter stairs for 10 times. After the tests, the battery maintained normal voltage and a stable Bluetooth connection.

Polinovel BL Series lithium battery is equipped with a smart BMS with Bluetooth connectivity for real-time battery status monitoring on smartphones via iPolinovel app.

The iPolinovel app boasts a user-friendly interface and a minimalist design to ensure easy access to vital battery information. You can view multiple batteries at one glance, and get detailed data like SOC, Status, Voltage, Current, Temperature, Cycle Times, and Battery Health, for a comprehensive view of battery performance.

A unique protection on/off mode is offered to remotely cut off battery discharge for greater safety. The wireless connection range is longer than 10 meters (32 feet).

Wireless software upgrade is offered to troubleshoot battery issue. And there are current calibration and SOC calibration to ensure accurate readings. If the displayed current or SOC deviates from the actual value, you can easily calibrate them within the app without using extra tools.

There is a reset button on the battery’s top. If the Bluetooth signal is lost and the app can’t find the battery, you can press the button to restore the Bluetooth connection.


  • Monitor battery working status on smartphones
  • Remote control battery power on-off
  • Check multiple batteries at a glance
  • Wireless software upgrade to troubleshoot battery issues
  • Current and SOC calibration to ensure precise readings
  • Reset button for restoring Bluetooth connection
  • Wireless connection range >10m

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