Polinovel 54Ah Lithium Battery

54Ah, Built in BMS, Built in Bluetooth

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Polinovel’s 54Ah lithium battery with Bluetooth connectivity is an advanced energy storage solution designed to meet the needs of modern power systems. With its Bluetooth capability, this battery offers real-time monitoring and control via a smartphone app, giving you greater control over your energy usage.

The Polinovel 54Ah lithium battery with Bluetooth connectivity is built with high-quality lithium-ion cells, delivering superior performance and reliability. It offers a longer lifespan than traditional lead-acid batteries, with faster charging times and higher energy density.

The Bluetooth feature allows you to monitor the battery’s status, including its state of charge, remaining capacity, and temperature, giving you complete visibility of your power system’s performance. With this information at your fingertips, you can optimize your energy usage and maximize the battery’s lifespan.

The battery is also equipped with advanced safety features, including overcharge and over-discharge protection, as well as built-in temperature sensors that prevent overheating and ensure safe operation. The Bluetooth connectivity also enables you to receive alerts and notifications about any potential issues, ensuring that your system runs smoothly and without interruption.

With its compact and lightweight design, the Polinovel 54Ah lithium battery with Bluetooth connectivity is easy to install and transport. Whether you’re using it for marine, RV, off-grid, or backup power applications, this battery is a reliable and efficient energy storage solution that offers advanced monitoring and control capabilities.

Bluetooth Features

  • monitor working status from you phone
  • turn battery power on and off
  • check multiple batteries at once
  • monitor battery management system
  • monitor SOC
  • monitor working voltage and current
  • monitor temperature and working cycles
  • battery health rating

Lithium Ion (Li-ion) vs Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)

Polinovel batteries are Lithium Iron Phosphate.   LiFePO4 batteries are more stable, safer, and have a longer cycle life compared to Li-ion batteries. LiFePO4 batteries can also handle a higher number of charge and discharge cycles without significant capacity degradation.

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