UR-Fog Fog Cannon Fast Pump 500 Anti-theft Fog Machine

500m² max density, 30 seconds shoot, 1000ml fluid bag included

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UR Fog


The UR-Fog Fast Pump 500 is capable of covering 500m3 in 30 seconds (to less than 1m visibility).   Ready for an easy wall installation and has a built in cavity for additional control boards if required.  Provides instant security on activation to larger high value areas as well as keeping staff safe from intruders.

  • powerful and fast fogging system
  • 500m3 in 30 seconds (less than 1m visibility)
  • directional nozzle
  • easily replaceable disposable fluid bags which are not expensive

The UR-Fog Fast Pump range is very similar to the Modular range but with the addition of a directional nozzle, a patented nozzle obstruction detector and additional included control board inputs and outputs.

The additional included control board inputs and outputs are:

  • PIR validation input
  • Empty fluid output
  • Fault output
  • Tamper output
  • Shot confirmation output