UR Fog Fog Cannon BAT 300 Anti-theft Fog Machine

Battery or Mains powered rapidly deployable Fog Canon

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UR Fog


BAT300 is anti-intrusion technology capable of providing instant security coverage to smaller spaces.  UR-Fog are leaders  in fogging systems and are certified to ensure maximum safety and reliability. 

  • Works with any alarm system
  • fully capable without power for up to 6 months
  • fully portable
  • covers 100m3 in less than 60 seconds
  • food grade
  • replaceable cartridges 25m3 (8 shots), 50m3  (4 shots)

Perfect for garages, homes and offices, vans, trucks, boats, campers, portacoms and containers.

These units can be rapidly deployed to high risk or high value areas to provide instant protection against theft.

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