Dahua Solar Panel System – 60W

60W solar panel, lithium battery and 4G bullet camera

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A extremely well built all in one off-grid surveillance system that is easily deployable. Includes a 4G Night vision bullet style camera connecting to an integrated solar / battery / charger unit.

The solar unit can be also used with any IP camera and a wifi AP instead of the included 4G camera.   We can provide the solar panel / charger separately if required. 

Solar Unit
The solar unit consists of a 60W solar panel integrated into an alloy housing along with a battery and MPPT solar charging unit.    It has a very heavy duty 100m fully adjustable bracket allowing for 360° of orientation. The MPPT unit can interface to the camera to provide charging data and battery level monitoring via the app.

Built in electronic protection includes current limiting, short circuit protection, reverse current protection, reverse polarity protection, over discharge protection, over temp protection and overload and short circuit protection on the load side. Lightning protection of 2KV.

Camera Unit
The camera is a 2MP Starlight bullet camera with built in infrared, alarm trigger input, alarm trigger output, built in line crossing and area intrusion detection, motion detection and a 30M Infrared rating. Recording can be done directly onboard to an SD card and played back remotely using the Dahua iDMSS or gDMSS apps or by using the Dahua Smart PSS software.

Monocrystalline solar panel
A built in monocrystalline panel provides greatly improved light absorbance and efficiency in low light.

Lithium Battery
An Iron phosphate lithium battery has smaller size vs capacity and a longer life cycle than conventional lithium batteries.

Maximum Power Point Tracking Charge Controller (MPPT)
MPPT controllers provide the highest possible energy utilization in a solar system and has charging efficiencies of 10%-30% when compared to conventional charge controllers.

Remote Monitoring via the App
When used with the Dahua 4G 2MP Bullet Camera, full charge status, condition, load current and other stats can be monitored. Live view and replay can be done via the app for Smart PSS and push notifications can be received on motion detection and trip wire.

Electronic Protection
Comprehensive electronic protection includes: current limiting, short circuit, reverse current, reverse polarity, overvoltage, over-discharge, over temperature of battery, battery overload and load short circuit protection.

Heavy Duty Bracket and Housing
Extremely heavy duty and easy to adjust and mount. The aluminium alloy frame is completely cast and comes with stainless hardware.
Large allen keys are included.

System Applications
This system provides rapidly deployable surveillance and power to any off grid situation. This can include:

  • equipment yards
  • environmental monitoring
  • building and construction sites
  • events

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